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The Indonesian Conservation Community

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WARSI was formed with the intention to work towards bringing about sustainable development, or, in other words, development that can fulfill the needs and guarantee the welfare and prosperity of people in the present, without endangering the continued survival of future generations.


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We works to revive the principles of conservation of indigenous people and encourage the development of a model of conservation, in particular in Sumatra and in general in Indonesia. WARSI’s goal is to strive for the creation and development of the principles of just community-based conservation based on equivalence, participation, openness and sustainability so as to meet the needs of human life and welfare of the present without threatening the life and needs of the next generation.

Our advocacy and assistance for people living in and around forests, campaigning by publishing bulletins, leaflets, pamphlets, and books, as well as radio broadcasts content creation.

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On our way, Warsi has worked with the community through several projects funded by national and international organizations. Some of our projects are still running until now and some of them have finished.


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Community-Based Forest Management

Warsi promotes the development of Community-Based Forest Management, such as:

1. Customary Forest scheme in Batang Kibul, Batu Kerbau, Guguk
2. Village Forest scheme in Lubuk Beringin
3. Protected Village Forest scheme in Ladang Palembang
4. Parak in Koto Malintang

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Education Program for Orang Rimba

Learning process can be implemented everywhere, anytime, and by any means. It could be carried out at riverbank, under the trees, even in sesudungon (traditional house of Orang Rimba). Teaching and learning is also possible to do while swimming or fishing in the morning, afternoon, even midnight. All these activities can be used as the media of teaching - learning process.



Health Program for Orang Rimba

Environmental change and access opened for Orang Rimba to the world wide has increased the disease they can not handle. The number of medical plans has been decreasing drastically in line with the deforestation and forest degragation. As a result, the mortality rate is increasing and we can see that the population growth of Orang Rimba remains stable. Warsi advocates the Health for Orang Rimba on the program when the traditional treatment could not heal the disease that affected Orang Rimba.

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Orang Rimba

Habitat and Resources Management For the Orang Rimba 1997-now.

The project is a cooperation between WARSI (Conservation Information Forum) and RF-N (Rainforest Foundation, Norway). The activities of the project support habitat and resources management for the Orang Rimba (Kubu).

The Orang Rimba have been marginalized by the reduction of their habitat due to conversion of forest for oil palm plantations and transmigration settlements.



Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation 2007-now.

REDD is one of the Warsi projects supported by Rain Forest Foundation Norway (RFN). The project is started to give awareness raising to the public and disseminate information about Climate Change and REDD+ to the community, government (provincial and district), as well as to the public in 5 provinces in Sumatera (Jambi, South Sumatera, West Sumatera, Bengkulu and Riau). During the consultation, WARSI also gathered some inputs about how to conserve the natural forest in Indonesia what what condition should be considered before the REDD+ project is implemented in Indonesia context.

Besides developing and promoting CBFM scheme, WARSI also developing economic livelihood of local community by afforestation degraded land and promoting agroforestry. Thus, strengthening local institution such as village forest group in designing village forest management plant which integrate to mid-term village development plans.



Tropical Forest Conservation Act 2009-now.

This project aims for saving the natural forest in Kerinci Seblat National Park (KSNP) landscape and preventing deforestation rate of natural forest in Sumatera. Its main target is management of KSNP landscape, through protection of its biodiversity, and improving local community’s livelihood.

The main activities are: 1) forest conservation in the KSNP landscape through community based forest management in the buffer zone area; 2) advocate the policy and/ local government plan to support the KSNP landscape management; 3) facilitate the business development based on forest production in order to improve community’s welfare who live in and around the park; and 4) improve the stakeholders’ support the KSNP conservation.



Cilmate Land Use Aliance 2012-now.

This is a collaborative project between Warsi and Climate Works Foundation to reduce the greenhouse gas emission and increase the carbon stock related to land use management. This project attempts to obtain its purpose by protecting the life and the right of indigenous people and poor village community. It also aims at slowing the loss of ecosystem services and biodiversity.

This project is relevant to the poor condition of Jambi Province which is converted to be Timber and oil palm plantation since the forest area has been less than 1 million hectares of total 5 million hectares within Jambi Province.



International Union for Conservation of Nature 2010-now.

This collaborative project is conducted to handle the ecosystem at Batanghari and Indragiri Rokan watershed, both in its upstream and downstream. As we know that both these watersheds are important in Sumatera Province. However, they are degraded because of forest conversion in their water catchment area and it happens continuously until now. For the late 1,5 years, there are 4 Jambi natural forests turned into plantation area, such as acacia, timber plantation and handcraft.

The local community is expected to get involved in forest resources management to keep the forest reservation and improve the welfare of community living around through the forest management with Village Forest Scheme.


Benor FM

Community Radio Benor FM 2011-Now

Benor FM is Orang Rimba's Community Radio. This Radio Station is used to broadcast health and education materials, economic informations, and also communication among them.

Benor FM has won the creative media competition held by Cipta Media Bersama in 2011 and got grant prize. The prize has been used for capacity building and purchase radio equipment.

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